Types Of Willow Trees

The Many Types Of Willow Trees

There are over 400 types of willow trees, but each has a set of somewhat similar characteristics that make them fairly easy to recognize. What makes them look similar is concentrated in the draping of their canopies, which gives most of the willow varieties a unique look.

Also, the trunks of most types of willow trees tend to be slender. Many also bear fruit, some of which are edible and some of which are not.

Weeping Willow

This is probably the most well known and best loved of the various types of willow trees.

The trees branches bow downward and, to some, this makes the tree look as though it is weeping. The weeping willow reaches a height of up to forty feet and the canopy can spread as much as thirty feet. This tree requires proper care in order to look its best.

The tree has softly colored green leaves that turn yellow in the fall. It can do well in various soil types, but a well-draining variety is preferred.

Contorted Willow

The contorted willow tree is quite interesting to watch as the branches tend to display different characteristics each season. The direction of branch growth changes a bit with the passing of each season, making the tree a delight, especially to those who do not have room to plant several trees.

The contorted willow reaches a height of up to forty feet and a spread of up to thirty feet.

Black Willow

For those living in the coldest climates, a black willow tree is the best choice for you. This tree can endure climates that some others types of willow trees cannot. It reaches a height of up to fifty feet and can get up to forty feet wide.

Corkscrew Willow

As the name implies, the corkscrew willow features branches that are a bit twisted. This tree, that reaches a height of up to thirty feet, is a favorite among photographers thanks to its very interesting appearance.

Pussy Willow

This shrub like tree is well known for the soft-to-the-touch flowers that is boasts each spring. The tree reaches up to twenty five feet in height and is a good choice for areas where drainage may be poor and other plants have a bit of trouble growing.

The above are just a few examples of the many types of willow trees that are available. No matter where in the country that you live, there is likely a willow tree that you will be able to include in your landscaping. While some require warmer weather, others do just fine in a colder climate.

You may need to get some advice from experts who are familiar with your area, so it is a good idea to ask the folks at your local nursery what types of willow trees that they would recommend.

As mentioned above, most types of willow trees share some characteristics. One of those is that they each add something special and unique to the landscaping of which they are a part.



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