Willow Hybrid Trees

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Willow Hybrid Trees


Willow hybrid trees are very popular, being a tree that typically grows about six feet per year.  When conditions are perfect, the growth rate would be much faster sometimes as tall as 20 feet a year.  However, most trees of this type grow to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide in about three years.  This type of tree is used for a variety of reasons.  For instance, Willow hybrid trees are added to landscape for their beauty, some people will use them to help block out noise or wind, and they can be planted to create a privacy screen.

Willow hybrid trees are deciduous with a growing height at maturity to around 70 feet.  Because of the massive growth period, these trees need ongoing watering until they reach full maturity.  As far as soil, these trees are highly adaptable, which makes them a great option for different climates around the country.  They do enjoy full sunlight and while they produce no flowers, they produce beautiful green foliage that turns yellow during autumn.

Best of all, Willow hybrid trees are actually very easy to grow so even a beginner would have success.  The root system is noninvasive so you would never need to keep branches off the ground or prune.  Then, with this being a tree that grows well in both hot and cold climates and one that naturally resists disease, it makes the ideal choice no matter where you live.

If Willy hybrid trees are planted side-by-side while being provided adequate room for spread, they make an excellent solution for blocking heavy winds.  Therefore, if you live on a hill, this would help significantly.  In fact, if you live in a region with a lot of snow, Willow hybrid trees could be planted to help block out tall snow drifts, thereby providing protection to your home.

Another advantage of Willow hybrid trees is using them for privacy.  If you live close to neighbors, have an industrial area next to your property, or you simply have noisy neighbors, a line of trees would work well.  Because these trees grow so fast, you would soon have whatever you want to block out of sight while enjoying the beauty of the trees.

If you prefer, you can plant Willow hybrid trees to form a hedge and with density, the entire hedge would be grown in completely in about a year.  This is great for added security in that someone trying to get on your property going through the line of Willow hybrid trees would have a difficult time.

Remember, because of the adaptability of Willow hybrid trees, they can grow virtually anywhere.  Therefore, if you live near the ocean and have sandy soil or on the west coast where the soil has higher clay content, Willow hybrid trees would flourish.  Finding other trees that can be grown all over the country like this is hard, which is why so many people are now interested in the benefits that come from Willow hybrid trees.



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