Willow Trellis

Building a Solid Willow Trellis

When constructing a beautiful and strong willow trellis, it is important that only the best in materials and craftsmanship be employed. Many of the trellises are made for more than willows, such as sweet peas and even beef-steak tomatoes. Regardless of what plan is going to utilize the upward mobility structure, it is important that only the best would be used for the trellis frame. When building a great trellis structure, it is important to take ones time as haste will certainly create waste.

Oak is one of the best wood types available for constructing anything that is going to sit into the ground or be outside in the weather. Pressurized-oak is even better since it has been intimately treated to resist both elemental aspects and nuisance pest that would easily and eagerly, eat-up the cellulose material, of the wood causing the trellis and the willow, to crash to the ground. Willow trellis construction will add a natural and useful garden structure to any homeowners landscaping efforts. The reasons why many people choose a willow trellis construction project instead of buying one from a hardware store or nursery is the feeling one receives once it is built and working. Willow supports come in many shapes sizes and raw materials, and this is the reason why almost any type of wood or even light-metal, that is bendable, can be applied and used as a trellis. For a great construction-instruction guide for building a solid willow trellis, look at the list below for a good starter set on what will be required of a traditional and rustic wooden trellis.

Of all the necessary tools and materials required to build a great tree trellis, the most important one is a ‘Can do Attitude’! A trellis is not a very complicated structure to build, and one that will give years of enjoyment to come as a home-owner and gardener can watch the fruit of the labors, grow and grow. Trellises have been used since the Roman Empire days and have been considered a mainstay in any serious gardeners plot.

Willow supports can be made of either wood or metal and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most important aspect of a trellis is the support a plant that is intended for and that it is structurally sound, through whatever elements, the weather can throw at it. Many gardeners, who live in windy areas, need to understand this and construct a trellis out of a solid structure, such as oak-wooden slats and have at least one-third of the length of the structure in the ground. In this way, neither wind nor rain, or errant soccer-ball, will destroy the trellis, and the plant contained within and around it. In the end, a gardener or a home-owner can stand back and pat oneself as a job well done will certainly be the end result.



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